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Solar World Clock

Attractive world clock and time zone desktop application. Displays a world map with current daylight, as well as local
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Solar World Clock
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18 July 2010

Editor's review

Are you interested in knowing the time of different places? Especially if you are an MNC and have clients that are located in different parts of the world then having knowledge of the times out there becomes even more important. There are large numbers of application available which shows the times of different places still they are not easy to operate or are not reliable in terms of accuracy. More over you will not be wanting to hanging large clocks in your rooms that shows times or different places of the world. Subsequently we realized your concern and thought of presenting Solar World Clock 1.2 in front of you. It is a desktop application which can display local times of six cities simultaneously.

Solar World Clock looks really cool and attractive but is very precise with the time it shows on your screen. Best part of the tool is that the clock shows the animated form of earth and you can view your city’s time with the daylight. The part of the world which is represented darkly is shown by the shadow of the moon. The application is really brilliant and has the database of different time zones of more than three hundred countries. This will definitely make your work easy plus the will give you the optimum idea of the time as place and accurate times in best possible manner. The graphics and the animation which you can examine in the image are literally cool and amusing. The big clocks which keeps ticking and showing the time of different places are profound, plus those cities are also marked on the world maps as red dots.

Solar World Clock is a fantastic application you can have installed in your system and can be used for all kinds of purposes including d袯r. We would love to rate this utility with three on a scale of five.

Publisher's description

Solar World Clock is an attractive world clock and time zone desktop application that displays a world map with current daylight, as well as local time for up to 6 cities simultaneously.
Designed to emulate a traditional international wall clock display, combined with a photorealistic map of the world that shows which areas are currently night and day, as well as the night day terminator. Solar World Clock is suitably visually appealing to use as an unattended display, as well as a traditional desktop application.
The database of time zones contains over 300 cities and has full support for daylight savings, including recent daylight savings changes.
Solar World Clock
Solar World Clock
Version 1.2
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